Yesterday I dusted of one of the games on my pile of shame: The Silent Age.

Silent Age is a point and click adventure, taking place between 1972 and 2012. You play Joe, janitor at some defense company and not the brightest bulb of the lot. Strange things happen and you find yourself switching between the present and an apocalyptic future devoid of mankind, trying to find out what happened and how to avoid it. Hint: it fits the current SARS-Cov2 crisis …

I liked the Silent age for its atmosphere and story telling, the visuals have their own distinguished style. It manages to capture the atmosphere very well without feeling bleak. The puzzles are a bit on the easy side - find some things, use them, have an empty inventory again. This allowed for a pleasant stroll through the story. As it is unlikely to get stuck, the game can be finished in an afternoon.

If you like point’n’click adventures and are not bend on having to crack tough nuts, I can recommend this game.